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Show news for 2024


We have already started work on the productions for our summer term. We are looking forward to a very busy but very rewarding summer term.


Apollo, Adelphi and Ascot Heath  will be doing Peter Pan


Dominion will be doing Robinson Crusoe


Palladium will be doing Girls & Cam Just Wanna Have Fun/Let's Get Quizzical!





December 2023


We finsihed the year off with a BANG!! We had our brilliant and fun Christmas Parties at the end of the term. Pupils were encouraged to perform at the party and we had a wonderful mixture of singing, acting, magic and dance. 


Take a look at our Facebook page to see the images and what we got up to - and what the parents got up to!!!





Show Term News - June/July 2023




Ascot Heath Primary School KS1 & KS2


What an amazing amount of talent our pupils from Ascot Heath has. We had a brilliant evening along with a full house and a pnael of 3 judges for the Fasbat's Got Talent showcase. The show opened with rousing song and dance routines from Back to The Future and Mama Mia. 


The talent astounded our judging panels. We had everything from singing, dancing, self written poems to magic! All highly entertaining. The winners were audience chosen and the most entertaining act of the evening was the judges choice. It's never easy to pick a winner with so much talent on show but in the end everyone seemed to agree.


Take a look at our Facebook page and Instagram page to see the photos and videos.




Cordes Hall classes - show news


Apollo & Adelphi


We took the audience back to the 90's & 00's with our summer show. Featuring greats such as Only Fools and Horses, a dance craze medley, Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast and so much more. We had a fantastic night of entertainment and laughter. It was the first time that pupils had been able to do a full show with a full house for 4 years. The nerves were jangling but what a performance they gave!!


Photos and videos can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages





We rocked Cordes Hall with our show Let's Rock. A fast paced, entertaining one act musical performed by our Dominion class. They had all worked so hard and like the previous classes, the nerves were jangling, but what a show they put on. A mixture of songs and very funny dialogue kept the audience gripped. A wonderful evening provided by a wonderful group of pupils.


Photos and videos can be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages








End of Term News - March 2023

All Classes


With lots of new pupils having joined us after Christmas its been an exciting term. We have focused a lot on stage craft. All pupils have learnt so much this term and this esulted in a very informative but fun parents afternoon at Cordes Hall. The pupils were able to give their parents a backstage tour as well as an on stage lesson in directions. We played some drama games and watched the pupils outwit their families. Never a dull moment!!!!


We had one show at the end of this term. Palladium performed their murder mystery called Super Sleuth. It was a brilliant evening at Cordes Hall with lots of friends and family attending.


Sadly though for 5 of the pupils, it was their last show. They have been at Fasbat for 13 years!! They started when they were 5 years old and they are now about to sit their A Levels!! It was a very emotional event for us, the parents and the pupils. We don't like to see any pupils leave but when we have been part of someones life for a long time it's especially difficlut. Each pupil leaving, was give a testimonial - What Fasbat Love About....... there wasn't a dry eye in the house!!!


We wish the "Famous Five" a happy and fulfilled life ahead and hope that we are able to catch up with them on their new life path.


We are looking forward to the term ahaed with 3 shows - yes 3 shows in June!!! It's going to be hard work but we know it will be very rewarding!!


Look out for Fasbat's Got Talent with Ascot Heath Primary School, Let's Rock with our Dominion class and the 90's&00's with Apollo and Adelphi.


For pictures and videos of the above events, take a look at our Facebook page







Our new September 2022 term - a "normal" term!!

Cordes Hall classes


How wonderful to be able to start the new term and new school year with no restrictions! We were able to go back to doing what we do best, building confidence, team building and having fun as a group. It was so nice to be able to welcome new pupils to our classes without having to wear masks or keeping everyone separate. 


Our first event of the year was the spooktacular Halloween classes. All of our classes were invited to come along dressed up to take part in a spooky drama special. This is when we see the real "acting" come out. There is nothing like a costume and spooky music to bring the zombie out in you!!!


Halloween was swiftly followed by the Chirstmas Parties.Our Christmas Parties are always first to kick off the festive period. There are lots of food and drink for the children to share plus the class performances and plus the open mic. It's a 2 hour marathon of lets eat drink and be merry!!!


Take a look at our Facebook page to see the pictures and videos of everything we have done during the past term.



End of Term Shows - Summer 2022

Cordes Hall classes


It was a leap of faith, but we pulled it off! The Cordes Hall classes performed their end of year shows to a full house.



This class, for the Year 10 pupils and above, devised, wrote, produced, directed, lit, propped, sold tickets, organised the auditorium and cleaned up after the performance. Their devised piece was called "Romeo and Juliet, A tale of Two Fast Food Joints" It was based on the original story of Romeo and Juliet but set in Burger King and Macdonalds. They did a brilliant job. We were very proud of them. They performed for one night only, but to a packed house of friends and family.


FASBAT's Got Talent 2022

Apollo, Adelphi and Dominion

It had been 3 years since we had put on one of our talent shows! We wondered if it would ever be the same again now that we are living with the new normal. Boy oh boy are we glad we did it!!! After a full year of face to face lessons, our pupils were ready to show off everything they'd learnt and to impress everyone with their creativity. We had singers, magicians, actors, dancers, comedians, duets and groups. It was an amazing night of entertainment. They performed in front of 3 judges who gave them all outstanding feedback on their performances. It was a very fitting end to a brilliant year.



After School Classes

Ascot Heath Primary School KS1 & KS2



We've had a full class for a full year with the KS1 pupils at Ascot Heath Primary School. Thier contribution to the end of term summer show was to perform "When I Grow Up". For many of the children it was their first experience of being on a stage and in front of an audience. they were superb and apart from a few butterflies, there were no sign of any nerves. It has been such a lovely class and now we have got to the end of the term, we will be saying goodbye to those that are moving up to KS2 in September.



The hard work and committment of the KS2 pupils paid off when they performed at Cordes Hall theatre in a unifque adaption of Matilda. For the first time in 3 years, lines were learnt, songs were sung and dance moves were shown. They were amazing! It was a lot of hard work, with once again, not many of the pupils having performed on a stage before. It was a successful end to a successful year.


For pictures and videos of the above shows, take a look at our Facebook page



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