The Show Must Go On!



Below is just one of the things we did during lockdown during 2021. For more information of what else we got up to, take a look at our facebook page.


"A Zoomfull of Talent" was our latest project for the January - March lockdown and online sessions. The classes were given scenes to rehearse and perform. This  ended with a recorded performance of the scenes and the edited project sent to parents for them to enjoy. It was extremely hard for the pupils to act on their own but also act together online - we were very proud of what every year group acheived.

Alice - our dance diector - choeographed a TikTok favourite for all the classes to join in with and edited them all together to make one piece. All the pupils had a huge amount of fun with this.



FASBAT's "Drama Drop In" was a 5 week drop in online programme to have fun and learn new and different techniques of online drama. The more we used the onlune platform, the more creative we were able to become. We also hope that it gave our pupils some time to socialize and have fun with the other pupils in their class.


Project Over The Rainbow is our 6 week online performance project. We started this on Monday 1st June and it ended on Wednesday 8th July with an online performance and a recording of the whole project for families to watch and keep as a momento of this unusual time in our lives. There has been a fee charged for this project but we are delighted to be able to donate a percentage of the fee to our local NHS charity trust.


We are so proud of all our pupils who have joined us for the online sessions. They have adapted well to this once unknown medium. We are also extremely proud and grateful to our FASBAT team who have worked voluntarily, at first, to keep in touch with our pupils. They have also had to adapt to teaching online and have worked so hard to make the online sessions fun and productive.