Cordes Hall Theatre Sunninghill


As we have to follow current government guidlines the structure of our classes will be changing. Each class will have no more than 15 pupils and class times will have to be altered to take cleaning time into consideration.




Term Dates

Wednesday September 15th – Wednesday December 1st    

Half term: Wednesday 27th October


Cordes Hall Christmas Party and Open Mic  Wednesday December 1st


Drama based performing arts classes - £98.00 per term

Apollo ( years 1,2,3) - 3.45pm - 4.40pm                  
Adelphi (approx school years 4,5,6) - 4.50pm-5.45pm              
Dominion (approx school years 6,7,8,9) - 5.55pm - 6.50pm          

Palladium (approx school years 10 and above) - 7pm - 8pm 


Get Up and Dance with Alice  

Adult Class - 7.30pm - 8.30pm - Day to be confimed.







After School Classes - For pupils of the school only

Marist Preparatory

Term starts Tuesday 14th September

This class is for pupils of The Marist Preparatory School only

Ascot Heath Primary School


Key Stage 1 -  3.15pm - 4.15pm £98.00


Monday 13th September - Monday 29th November

Half Term: Monday 25th October


Cordes Hall Christmas Party on Thursday 2nd December





Key Stage 2 -  3.30pm - 4.30pm - £98.00 per term



Term Dates

Thursday 16th September – Thursday December 2nd 

Half term: Thursday 28th October


Cordes Hall Christmas Party on Thursday December 2nd







Cranbourne Primary School


Years 3-6  -  3.15pm - 4.15pm   £98.00


New term starts 2021 - To be confirmed