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Coronavirus Update



In light of the current coronavirus situation we have decided to postpone the talent show so it will not be going ahead on Friday March 27th. This is the only time in 20 years of trading that FASBAT has had to take such drastic action as we've never postponed or cancelled a show before. Hopefully you will all agree that this is the right decision for our FASBAT community as well as the wider community.


Our plan is to carry on as normal, with lessons this week, week commencing 16th March. We ask that parents make sure that pupils have been to the loo and washed their hands before coming to class. We also ask that if anyone has a cough, cold, raised temperature or just generally feeling unwell, that you do not attend. A decision will be made at the end of this week if we continue for the final week of our term.


We hope that we will be able to start our summer term, as planned, week commencing April 20th. Obviously I will keep in contact.


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